Management Consulting

Company Secretary

Complete secretarial works for clients from all aspects of setting up a company, revising company information and administrative management.

  • Company set-up

  • Handling registration of change of company information

  • Provide registration/correspondence address

  • Apply company cancellation

  • Trademark registration

  • Assisting in foreign labour affairs

Payroll Management Service

Handle personnel management tasks on behalf of clients, such as payroll calculation, professional tax calculation and reporting, and social security fund filing.

  • Report employees turnover to the government

  • Payroll calculation

  • Professional tax calculation and reporting

  • Social security fund contributions

Valuation Services

According to the provisions of the Macau Commercial Code, in cases involving acquisition and transfer of goods from and to shareholders, the goods with which capital participations in kind are to be paid, and the settlement of a redemption consists in payment to the shareholder of an amount corresponding to the value of the share, an auditor without any connection with the company should be entrusted to evaluate the value and prepare a report The report should contain the identification, description, valuation, and valuation standards of relevant assets.

Service content
  • Value verification